Mar 29, 2023

Trends Shaping the Future in Supply Chain Management

  • By John Smith,
Supply Chain Management Future Trends

Over the few years, there have been many developments as far as future trends of supply chain management is concerned. Organizations are more aware now than ever in terms of upgrading and making improvements whilst looking forward to future events and changes if and when needed. There has been an uproar of different kinds of trends, all shining light on technological functions in the world of supply chain management. Below are some of the future trends that have spiked some interest: 

Technology equals better Supply Chain Teams

The Future Trends in Supply chain management can only be guaranteed when it works alongside the development of technology. Let’s say AMR (Autonomous Mobile Robots), which will soon be one of the most used technology by companies as it will allow to automate and streamline collection and wrapping processes for an organization. It may look like the supply chain team won’t be needed but that’s a false narration. As much as Robotic Technology looks like a needed technology, a hands-on team approach is still a requisite. 

IoT and WMS coexist

With Technology like AMR and certain other tools in the picture, oftentimes, there is that fear of questioning capabilities of the Warehouse Management system, however, that’s not the case. What supply chain future trends Technology providers are starting to understand is that just because one service links with another already existing service doesn’t necessarily mean competition. Supply chain teams co-existing along with upgraded technologies will lead to bigger growth in productivity.

Pre-fulfillment Speed produces a Greater result 

One of the key works for any organization is to be more efficient in pre-fulfilling processes so that customer satisfaction is met. No matter how efficient and effective working system it has, it’s all for nothing if speed isn’t kept at Par with it.

For example, Giant Companies like Nike are always at the top of their game and the reason is because of their agility to come up with new products and events on time faster than their previous record. 

Customization as per supply chain 

Companies run on customers and each of them brings their expectations and needs waiting to be fulfilled. Implementing all that is time-consuming and critical for more reasons than just one and because of this, companies focus on these factors.

  • The geographic location for better understanding of sourcing and production
  • Product needs and why individualizing is important 
  • Order-related queries like how much product does the customer need and timeline for delivery plus the next order.

Calculated Inventory space

Analyzing and calculating beforehand as to how much space is needed now and for future orders is vital for all Organizations. Too much and too little of anything is always a waste of time and energy so a proper approach to space is the key for a smooth procession of your customer’s needs. 

Capacity crunch, still prevailing?

When an organization is hit by a capacity crunch (When demand increases and available capacity decreases), they resort to one of these two things

  • They do nothing, failing to uphold customer demands.
  • They invest more capital in transportation. 

Weirdly, in both scenarios, the customers are at the losing end of it which results in the downfall of any company. So what’s important is increased efficiency which will automatically lead to a higher capacity to work with. 

Supply Chain Management Future Trends is more than just a mechanical aspect of the Company. It is that sector without which the functionality of any organization is destined to fail and burned out.

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