Mar 29, 2023

Next Industrial Revolution is Shaping the Supply Chain Industry

  • By John Smith,
Next Industrial Revolution is shaping the Supply Chain Industry

Every year in Davos, Switzerland global business leaders meet for the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) annual meeting.

In this meeting, great minds meet and bring together some of the preeminent leaders across a variety of sectors. This year it became impossible to make it happen in Switzerland due to the global pandemic, therefore, it happened virtually thanks to the power of video communications.

Innovation brings the Fourth Industrial revolution

The mid-20th century gave us the third revolution with the creation and innovation of useful semiconductors, computing power, and toward the dawn of the new millennium, the internet.

Now, the Fourth industrial revolution is on the way and taking place at a faster rate due to the events of 2020. The new technology reposition is happening in terms of connecting the human worker to the IoT (Internet of Things), improving human-machine collaboration and steps toward digitization.

Integrating human workers’ everyday tasks with smart machines and new valuable gadgets protects the workers from injuries and calamities that were basically common in the second industrial revolution.

New Era Technology

The new era of technology is putting human workers first, such as the use of hands-free wearable technology that can benefit the safety of the workers.

Ergonomic workspaces are aiming to decrease the risk of any kind of repetitive strain injury or accidents happening due to fatigue and exhaustion.

Digitization is allowing many shortcuts that can be taken for removing any kind of tedious work. This time then can be utilized or reinvested into other projects or sites. This will also allow many businesses to enter into micro efficiencies and proceed to scale them in future.

WEF gives hope to the New Industrial Revolution

Technology can increase the human worker’s experience and which will give workers an upper hand at their work. It is similar to the superpower of sorts such as machines scan, process and does a lot of the dirty work and calculations that humans would have to do by themselves without any kind of help or any tool.

Where the former industrial revolution forgot about the workers, this new movement is bringing them to the forefront. It is the kind of empowerment provided to the worker that is not going to recede or decline in the near future as both the worker as well as the employer are getting profits or benefits from this. And in the end, the consumer of the product is happy and getting satisfied.

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